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Strolling in Summer
Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2014 to Parenting
In some ways, the process of preparing for a baby has changed over the years. Strollers, for example, were originally basic in design and functionality. In the current market, however, there are more products and options available than ever before. This gives parents the ability to develop a custom approach to raising and caring for their children.
Our Baby Bath Time
Posted by Our Baby Our World on 1/24/2014 to Announcements
Our babies bath time can be a joy or a very stressful ordeal, for us and for baby! Fun bath toys will act as colorful distractions making sure the little one is having fun rub-a-dub-dubing all cares and dirt away. At Our Baby Our World we have a wide range of amazing bath toys from contemporary takes on rubber duckies to brand new colorful shapes and interactive games that baby will love.
Using Technology to Keep Baby Safe
Posted by Our Baby Our World on 1/17/2014 to Announcements
Babies born today have entered a world where the benefits of technology are ever present. Sophisticated testing methods have aided in the development of products that are safer and more reliable than ever before seen. Technological advances have been instrumental in reducing the number of childhood injuries and deaths by helping manufacturers come up with better product designs and testing methods. Safety features developed to monitor their babies through the use of hand held devices is a great asset to parents.
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