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Strolling in Summer
Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2014 to Parenting

In some ways, the process of preparing for a baby has changed over the years. Strollers, for example, were originally basic in design and functionality. In the current market, however, there are more products and options available than ever before. This gives parents the ability to develop a custom approach to raising and caring for their children.

Jogging Strollers

Parents who wish to pursue an active lifestyle often seek to include their child in daily exercise routines. In the past, parents who had been attempting to jog with their children struggled with bulky strollers. Recently, however, there has been a surge of strollers intended specifically for jogging. These improved strollers have a wide variety of features intended to make jogging safe and enjoyable for parent and child. Now, jogging strollers flaunt soft, air-filled tires to facilitate a smoother ride, making these strollers travel much better over outside terrain. Safety reflectors and harnesses, such as the Bumbleride Indie’s five point safety harness, ensure your child stays safe, and your work-out stays worry-free. Some jogging strollers, such as the Kolcraft Jeep Jogging Stroller, take it a stride above the rest, and incorporate resistance and speed odometers that are perfect for tracking work-outs. By utilizing these specially designed strollers, parents can ensure that their exercises are optimized for safety and efficiency.


Sibling Seats

Oftentimes, accommodating multiple children in one stroller can be a hassle. Parents in this situation sometimes feel limited to short outings because their children struggle with discomfort and the parent pushing the stroller becomes fatigued by the heavy load. This burden, however, has been lifted from parents by a new wave of baby strollers that have been optimized to carry multiple children effectively and comfortably. Ergonomics are now applied to stroller designs to evenly distribute baby weight and optimally suit children of different sizes. Companies manufacture multiples strollers for all situations, such as strollers for twins, and strollers for siblings. Bugaboo’s Donkey stroller comes in two models that accommodate for any situation: the Donkey Duo, for children of different ages, and the Donkey Twin for children of the same age. The specialized features of each ensure that both parent and child remain happy and comfortable on even the longest of outings. Parents with triplets need not fear, either. Peg Perego’s spacious Triplette Stroller features reclining seats and adjustable foot rests to keep children comfortable, and a steering wheel that makes it a dream for parents to drive.


For parents today, selecting a stroller for their baby is not the hassle it was in the past. Selecting the perfect baby stroller is easier than ever, because strollers can be fully customized to meet a family’s specific needs. Parents can forego generic strollers by choosing the color, brand, size, cost and material they desire. Stroller companies have even created a selection of designer stroller’s, such as Bugaboo’s The Happy Bugs” collection designed by Andy Warhol. Many strollers have adjustable foot rests to properly accommodate children as they grow. Thanks to today’s variety, strollers travel in style, and ensure comfort.

For individuals who are planning on having a baby, the last thing they should have to worry about is finding a suitable stroller. No matter which design factors are being sought, there is likely a stroller on the market that will address each need

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