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Hape Block and Roll
Hape Block and Roll
Hape Wonder Walker
Hape Wonder Walker

Push Toys to Help Babies Walk

Push toys can encourage your baby to walk and help him to strengthen his leg muscles. Our Baby Our World carries a selection of plush toys that are crafted from all natural wooden materials. You can choose cute walkers that include bright colors and fun designs. Accessories on the push toys include wooden beads, colored knobs, and tracks to move knobs and pulls. Some also include small wooden blocks to build towers with the push toy as the base. Each toy helps promote your baby’s learning and physical development, while also helping to reduce your baby’s exposure to toxic chemicals such as plastic and dyes. When you buy one of these push toys, you can feel confident in knowing that you are doing the best for your baby and doing your best for the environment. Explore our selection to find the toy that best suits your tastes.