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Our Baby Bath Time
Posted by Our Baby Our World on 1/24/2014 to Announcements
Our babies bath time can be a joy or a very stressful ordeal, for us and for baby! Fun bath toys will act as colorful distractions making sure the little one is having fun rub-a-dub-dubing all cares and dirt away. At Our Baby Our World we have a wide range of amazing bath toys from contemporary takes on rubber duckies to brand new colorful shapes and interactive games that baby will love. 

Rubber ducks have been a bath time staple since before we were children, and for good reason! Babies love the recognizable animal friends to play with. Our Baby Our World has made some amazing improvements on this classic toy. Our Odd Duck line comes in different shapes and sizes so our little one can learn to recognize differences and keep track of who’s who among their new playmates. The Odd Duck line is totally free of BpA, Phthalates, and PVC. Furthermore, the Odd Ducks do not absorb or take in water making them free of any potential mold growth. 

Babies love having different shapes and colors represented in their toys, and bath time is no exception. We all know the ABC’s and 123’s are super important, but our Trace Bath Tub Appliques’ abstract shapes allow babies to develop their creative sides. These wonderful toys will float on the water allowing the child to reach out, grab, and manipulate with their developing motor skills. Baby can even arrange the wet shapes the bathroom walls. They adhere perfectly during bath time but leave no residue or marks behind for later cleanup. The Trace Bath Tub Appliques do not absorb water, reducing any mold growth potential. 

Games and interactive toys are essential for children development. At Our Baby Our World we believe busy parents can use bath time toys to help their babies developing dexterities. The Octopus Ring Toss Fountain is a toy babies can learn and grow with. The Octopus fountain suctions to the bathtub wall creating a gentle fountain of water. Young babies can use the floating rings to grab and place onto the octopus’ outstretched arms. As the child grows the toy will become a ring toss to enrich their hand-eye coordination. With safety in mind, this toy is BpA and Phthalate free. 

Our Baby Our World knows bath time will be fun for the baby wether they are making an Odd Duck friend, playing with the colorful shapes of the Trace Bath Tub Appliques, or learning hand-eye skills with the Octopus Ring Toss Fountain. There are so many great tools to make this necessary chore a fun, learning experience!
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