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Kidco Shock Shield Extension Cord
Shock Shield Extension Cord

Kidco Shock Shield Extension Cord

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Shock Shield Extension Cord Features:
  • Measures 7 feet long
  • Has 3 outlets
  • Extension Cord is polarized
  • Extension Cord is 13A/12.5V/1625W

  • The Kidco Extension cord is 7ft (2.1m) long. 13A/12.5V/1625W. AWG SPT-2 16/2. This extension cord has 3 outlets and is polarized. This is an expandable safety barrier that surrounds the power blades on the plugs which helps protect children against potential shock hazards. The red shock shield will be invisible when the plug is properly inserted into the outlet. If visible, parents simply push the plug back into the socket, compressing the shock shield and ensuring a solid and safe electrical connection.

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