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Different Types of Baby Car Seats
Posted by Our Baby Our World on 11/6/2013 to Parenting
A baby car seat is the best way to keep your baby safe as you transport him in the car. The baby's needs change as he grows, making it necessary to provide an appropriate car seat for his stage of development. In addition to traditional car seats, parents have the option of selecting travel systems that transform from a car seat to a stroller.

Infant car seats provide protection for the newborn in a rear-facing seat. Many of these seats snap into a base and form a chair with an overhead handle for transporting a baby outside the vehicle. Such seats provide safety for babies up to 22 pounds in weight and 29 inches in length.

Convertible baby car seats snap into a base facing backward for babies up to 22 pounds and reverse to face forward for children up to 40 pounds or more. While they require a larger initial investment, these seats allow the child to use the same seat for a longer period. Some eventually convert to a booster seat, providing for child's needs from birth until he or she is big enough to transfer to riding with just a seat belt.

Booster seats are for older children who still need an adaptable seat to ride safely in a vehicle. State laws vary in their requirements for children in regards to booster seat use. Most accommodate a child until he reaches 100 pounds in weight. 

Car seats are essential for safe travels with a child. Many hospitals have policies that will not allow the release of a newborn without the proper safety seat. All states require infants and children to ride in an appropriate car seat until they reach the required weight to ride without a booster.
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